She is SKADI. She is YOU. 

Skadi is the Norse goddess of the wilderness. She represents mountains, forests, winter, hunting, and exploration. She was chosen to be our namesake because she epitomises what we believe all women to be: she is strong yet elegant, beautiful yet wild. She knows what she wants, and she is prepared to hunt and fight for it.

We believe that she is within YOU.

And we want to show you how and where to find her.

Meet Ness


We live and breathe mountain life. Our director and “hike priestess,” Ness Hinneberg, has worked in and walked all over the High Country in every condition imaginable. And whilst out there, she found her purpose. She realised that she truly belongs out in the rugged wilderness of the Victorian mountains. And now she wants to share with you her favourite swimming spots, climbing trees, sunsets and star-gazing sites. So come and explore with Skadi Adventures, and find your true self.