Carefree Adventuring

For us at Skadi, your safety, comfort, and ultimately enjoyment whilst out hiking is our primary priority. This is why we have decided to invest in high-end lightweight hiking equipment designed, where possible, specifically for women. We made this choice for a number of reasons: firstly, it ensures that all of our adventurers have equal access to quality gear; secondly, we have tried and tested what we are kitting you out with, and trust the gear with our own lives so feel comfortable doing so for you; and thirdly, it saves you an enormous amount of money! Here is an overview of what is included for hire in the cost of your multi-day Skadi Adventure:


We have a fleet of lightweight and strong packs that you will be fitted out with on our multi-day hikes. These will be used to carry everything you need for your adventure - it is your little guardian angel, your turtle shell, your cuddle buddy! A well-fitted and well-packed pack will feel completely natural when it's on your back. For this reason, all of our packs feature fully adjustable women's specific harnesses to suit wanderers of all shapes and sizes. Short torso, wide hips? We've got you sorted. Super tall but narrow around the waist? You're catered for! From experience, there is nothing worse than hiking with an ill-fitting pack, so it is for this reason that we have taken the time to research and invest in the best possible packs for lady hikers. 

Sleeping Equipment

A good night's sleep is critical after a long day of hiking. And because we know it gets pretty chilly up high in the hills come nightfall, we have made sure that the sleeping bags and sleeping mats we provide you, whilst incredibly light, are also incredibly warm and comfortable. The only thing we ask of you is to bring along your own sleeping bag liner - either thermal or silk, please. NO COTTON! 


We love lightweight gear at Skadi, but we also like comfort and not being eaten alive by mozzies or waking up to funnel web spiders crawling across our sleeping bags (true story...!). So we have chosen to opt for lightweight, rip-resistant, all-season two-person tents with mesh inners rather than giving you all bivouac-style shelters to sleep in! Like we said, your comfort is paramount, and if a few extra grams means sleeping soundly, staying dry, and keeping the crawlies out, then we are happy to go with that option thank you very much!

Stoves and Cooking Equipment

Lightweight stoves have the added advantage of being incredibly quick and efficient. When we are out on multi-day trips, we will be enjoying home-cooked dehydrated meals for dinner, meaning all we need to do of an evening is heat up our food. Winning! Because of this, we will be using both JetBoil and "pocket rocket"-style butane stoves - they are lightweight, good on fuel, and super quick. Handy for those cold mornings when you're hankering for a cuppa!

Navigation Tools

We rock it old school at Skadi, and believe there is nothing more reliable than a hard-copy map and proper magnetic compass. So you'll get to learn how to play with these properly when you come out on any of our trips - single-day or three-day - because we believe that following a track does not a hiker make; navigational skills are a must! 

Head Torches

It's beautiful out here when the sun goes down. On a clear night, especially up high, you will see a truly awe-inspiring night sky. And when the moon is full, it's practically like the sun never set at all! But this doesn't negate the need for a bit of extra illumination, especially for those late-night bathroom part of your issued kit will be a head torch. Handsfree!  


Gaiter tan is a small price to pay for the peace of mind provided by wearing sturdy canvas gaiters. Hiking in summer means we will absolutely encounter snakes on the trails. We are, after all, in their land. If a snake decides he's in a bad mood and wants to tell you about it, his bite won't stand a chance of perforating the gaiters around your legs. That, and they help get through particularly rough patches of overgrown trail scratch-free!

Day Hike Equipment

Day walks don't require us to carry a full hike kit. Ness takes extra equipment , but all you need to carry is some food and water, all of which is provided. We carry lunch and snacks out on the trail, and are treated to delightful local produce upon the conclusion of our walk.


Every Skadi hike is fully catered. All catering is tailored - we don't offer a stock menu at all, as we recognise that everyone will have different wants and needs when it comes to trail food. On multi-day trips, dinners are comprised of freeze-dried meals and vegetables, with breakfast options including sweet and savoury, depending on what you're into! All food is designed to be long-lasting and easy to carry, meaning that we won't be lumbered down with heavy food bags out on the trail! The only thing you have to do regarding food on a Skadi hike is let us know what you do and don't like to eat at the time of booking and we take care of the rest! 

*Please include on the booking form if you have a specific allergy, anaphylaxis, or dietary requirement. You will be catered for in a safe manner free from cross-contamination!