Skadi's Pricing Structure

One of the best words ever is "dynamic." It's active, it's flexible, it's adjustable. And it represents how we price our experiences. 

Multi-Day Hikes

We have what we like to call the "minimum of one" rule. This means that if you're the only one who books a spot on a trip, that trip goes ahead. No one misses out here! With that said, though, the more that book, the cheaper it is per person. Here's how the pricing works for our three-day trips!

1 person: $900

2 - 3 people: $725 per person

4 - 5 people: $675 per person

At the time of your booking, you are required to pay a deposit of $250 per person. This secures your places on the trip. An invoice will be generated, but as our pricing is dynamic depending on the number of participants, it will not reflect the final price straight away. 

All booking for multi-day trips close 14 days before the departure date. At this time, a new invoice will be sent to you with the final balance, generated according to how many people ended up booking the trip. The balance is due no later than 7 days prior to our starting date.

Overnight Hikes

Single-Day Hikes

Our overnighters work in a similar way to the multi-day adventures: pricing is dynamic, we apply the "minimum of one" principle, a deposit of $250 is payable on booking, and all bookings close 14 days prior to the trip, at which time the final invoices are generated and sent out. ​Again, the balance of your trip is due 7 days before we head out on our adventure.


1 person: $600

2 - 3 people: $525 per person

4 - 5 people: $475 per person

Our single-day trips are priced a little differently. We still uphold the "minimum of one" principle, but pricing is determined not by the number of participants, rather on the trip itself. For instance, our Warrambat Wander, being short in duration, would be less than our Summit To Summit adventure. Also, trips are open to be booked right up until 7 days prior to the date. Here's the pricing schedule for our single-day adventures!

Warrambat Wander: $150pp

Delatite to Stirling: $200pp

Buller Summit Sunset via Klingsporn: $200pp

Buller Summit Sunset via West Ridge: $250pp

Summit To Summit: $250pp

Custom Hikes

Our bespoke experiences don't come with bespoke  price tags. Costs for custom trips are based on our multi-day adventures, so you don't incur any extra costs just because we're making a special trip just for you! Your special adventure may go a little longer than our usual hikes - maybe you and your crew would like to head out on four- or five-day adventure, for instance. Maybe longer, who knows?! So because we like to keep it free-flowing, here's a breakdown of how we price our tailored multi-day trips!

1 person: $300 per day

2-3 people: $275 per person per day

4-5 people: $225 per person per day

This is, of course, based on our usual fully-catered, fully-equipped basis. If you've got something super special you'd like to do, we're open to suggestion! Simply get in touch with us and we will excitedly work with you to plan the ultimate mountain experience!